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Easter Addition

Have a look at the Easter addition power point. Can you make your own number sentences? Roll two dice and use them to write the number sentence



4 + 2 = 6


If you want a challenge then you could roll three dice or put some bigger numbers on one of the dice.






Have a look at the cbeebies website(see the link below) to see how Toby celebrates Easter at home and at church. Choose something to make for Easter. You could make an Easter garden, in a tray or in your garden. You could decorate a cross. Either make two twigs into a cross and add some flowers or make a paper one and decorate it with scrunched up tissue paper. 

You could a make an Easter card for your family and write a message neatly inside.

Perhaps, you could make a little book about Easter and write down what you have learnt.



Some Easter craft ideas