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For Literacy can you to write a story. (Choose between Task 1 and Task 2)Watch the video Duck in the Truck.

Task 1

Using your sound mat to help you, can you a write a sentence about the story? 

Task 2

Using your sound mat to help you, can you write the beginning, middle and end of the story?

Well done, we look forward to seeing your super story writing!


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Space, Shape and Measure


Today we are learning about capacity. You will need a container.

Can you make your container full? Make it empty? Nearly full? Nearly empty? about half full? Find a container that holds more? Why is that? Can you find a container that holds less?

Well done!

Main Task

Now have a selection of different containers to see which holds the most water! You can do this by pouring directly from one container to another. You could try using a small cup to fill each container and count how many cup-fulls the container holds? Can you record your findings in your book?

Well done! smileyYou have done some amazing work this week!


Finish by watching the Goldilocks videosmiley

Goldilocks and the Three Bears