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The Little Red Hen


Can you use your story map from Monday to retell the story. Use the puppets you made on Wednesday. Or, you could make some masks to help you. Print out the masks we have given you or draw/paint/make your own. 

We are going to be writing today about the Little Red Hen.   

We are giving you a choice today. You can write the story of The Little Red Hen or make up your own story.

If you would like a challenge then you can do both.


Task 1: Write the story of The Little Red Hen

Put the pictures in the right order and write either a word, caption or sentence for each picture. For example:



The hen

The hen can...

The dog is....

The hen planted seeds. 


You can use these pictures or draw your own and write in your book. Some of you will be able to write more of the story and can write several sentences. 


Task 2:

Write your own version of The Little Red Hen.

Have a look at your toys and choose some animals to tell your own story. Look at the story of Henrietta Hare to help you. Can you tell the story to a grown up or to your teddy.

Now can you write your story. Remember to use your word and sound mats to help you. Just have a go at spelling words you don't know - sound them out. 

If you find writing sentences too hard then write words or captions. Most of you should be able to attempt simple sentences. Don't forget finger spaces in between words!

Can you read what you have written to a grown up?



Here is another fun version of the Little Red Hen. It is called Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza.

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