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Glossop - Mrs Astell

I hope that you have all had an excellent half term holiday.  I look forward to hopefully seeing some of you quite soon.  I will still be using the webpage to set work and keep in touch with you and really enjoy receiving pictures of your work and of the fun things that you are getting up to. 


You have all been doing a great job and I am very proud of you all.


Mrs Astell smiley

Your photos


I have been really pleased to receive emails from some of you telling me how you are finding the work and what you think about our new story My Pet Show Panic.


Click on the star below to see some of the photos I have been sent of the exciting things that you are doing at home.



Home Learning - A message from Mrs Astell


I hope that everyone is ok and ready to start their exciting new Home Learning Book on Monday.


Please go to the Year Two Home Learning link for your activities for the week.  The Year Two teachers will be adding work for you to do in your home learning book as well as some challenges and some ideas for our new project Beat, Band Boogie.  Any work that you still want to do from your Land Ahoy! homework ideas sheet can also be done and brought in to school to share when we come back.


We are finding lots of fun websites all of the time for you to have a look at so keep checking our Year Two pages.


Well done to those of you who have already started using TTRockstars.  Remember your TTRockstars password is stuck in the front of your reading record.  If you were not in school when I gave these out, ask your grown-up to message me via the contact form and I will send it out to you.


Now a pirate joke for you all!


Why couldn't the pirate play cards?

He was standing on the deck! wink


Take care and remember to be kind and helpful!


See you all soon.


Mrs Astell smiley








This week we went on our Belper Walk.  We were Street Detectives and spotted lots of different buildings on our walk.



Our Belper Walk

Messages for Mrs Astell