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Mrs Badhan's Class

Home School Learning Photographs

March 23rd - April 22nd

Great addition sums and talking about farm animals during home learning!

Well done for a lovely first day in school painting, addition sums and writing about farm animals!

Great reading!

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Summer 1 Week 1 Great counting in 10's and 2's:)

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Excellent reading!

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Some great work creating patterns and thinking of objects with the long oo digraph!

Counting 17 objects and writing information about farm animals! Excellent work!

George counted 17 objects and wrote about farm animals. Fantastic writing!

Excellent writing information about farm animals and super counting and number work:)

April 3rd - April 20th 2020 Happy Easter to all our Families! Thank you for the wonderful pictures and fun activities sent in during the Easter period!

Lovely rainbow drawing!.mp4

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March 23rd - April 3rd 2020 Here is a selection of the wonderful work you are all doing at home during partial school closure! Well done!

Great counting in 2's! Well done!

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Joshua's very carefully decorated his easter egg! Lacey has produced some great work about spiders and Madeleine has written some super sentences!!

Some fabulous creative, phonics and maths work taking place!

Keeping fit at home with Joe Wicks! Great reading too!

Home School Learning Photos!

Feel free to message us on the contact forms (find them at the bottom of the Home School Learning Link page) and send us any photos of your children's learning at home. We look forward to sharing them with you so the children can see what their friends are up to.

Mrs Christie's Class
Summer term 1

James B has drawn a fabulous story map.

Sammy found lots of ways to make 17- look at those yummy cakes๐Ÿ˜€ She also did some fabulous writing.

Great work from Elodie.

Learning about the number 17 - collecting 17 daisies. Great counting ๐Ÿ˜€.

Home Learning at Easter

Thank you for some more super photos of fantastic learning taking place.

James made a fabulous Easter garden and enjoyed learning about the Easter story.

Archie and his family had fun predicting and experimenting, to find out which objects float or sink.

Floating and sinking experiment.

Having fun doing maths work.

More great art work from Seb. He has also been busy with number work and sentence writing.

Seb has drawn a lovely picture of Willy Wonka.