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Listening Week


Week beginning 21.09.20


This week we are learning about what makes a good listener. Can you sit in your garden, really quietly and get your grown up to help to write down what you can hear.


Once you have made your list of sounds, can you draw a picture of your favourite sound, take a picture and add it to tapestry for Mrs Gallen to see? 


You might want to have a go at making some of your own listening ears. Follow the link below:


Happy listening!

Handy Week


This week we are thinking about our hands. We have spoken about what we use our hands for, for example - eating, playing, waving, writing, drawing etc. Can you think of anything else you can use your hands for?


We have drawn around our hand and thought about different textures that we can feel. Can you find objects around the house to match the words on the hand?

The words are:







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