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Ladybower Class

Although I am moving year group, I am not moving room!  Ladybower Class will be in A1 classroom.  Look at the pdf of the school plan to see where it is, if you're not sure.


Here are a few photos of what the class looks like now, but it will be changed just for you - new displays etc. so it will not be a year 1 class anymore!

This is the room as an year 1 class - we'll have all new displays for a year 3 class

Why are we called Ladybower class?


All the classes at St John's Primary School and Nursery are named after places in Derbyshire.  They are in Alphabetical order.  Ladybower isn't a town or village, like many other classes are named after.  We are named after a reservoir - a big man made lake!  It's very pretty.  Maybe you could go and visit it, if it's safe to do so.