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1st Sept. '20



A few last minute clarifications for you:


Children will enter the building from the 'Year 1' entrance at the side of the building.  We'll have to rename it the 'Year 1 & Year 3' entrance!  We will leave via the hall door, onto the playground, at the end of the day.


They should only bring PE kits on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  Tuesdays will be dodge-ball, in the hall and Thursdays will be Tennis outside, with Mrs Taylor, for this half term.


Sandwich boxes will be placed on the trolley outside the classroom (once invited to do so by an adult - don't pop it on, on the way past, at least to begin with).  These will then be taken outside with the children at the beginning of the lunch hour and left by the side of the Year 3 area of the playground (as they were in the summer term).




Unfortunately, the new furniture hasn't arrived yet, but hopefully will be with us by the end of the week, fingers crossed. 

However, the class is looking good, so I'm sure you'll be happy.

Here's a few pictures of our class. We will be getting new furniture in the next few days.

July '20

Hello everyone.

We are Ladybower Class and I am Mrs Gartside.

Most of you will know me from Reception and Year 1.  I'm very excited that I'll be joining you in Year 3. 

About me:  I've been teaching at St. John's since 2005.  I began by teaching all the year groups, covering classes whilst the teachers had non-contact time for planning and preparation; Since then, I've been in Year 1 twice; I've been in Reception for 6 years and this will be my second time in Year 3!  We'll have already met in Reception, or Year 1.  Even if you weren't in my class, I may have had your for phonics, or group work and you'll have been in my room for year group assemblies.

I'm married with 2 children and have a big bear of a dog.  I love dancing, singing and camping.  I'm also a qualified teacher/coach for swimming and lifesaving, so spend a lot of time at the side of a pool when I'm not at school!

About you:  I'd love to hear about what you're looking forward to in Year 3 and what you've been doing since I was last with you.


This year we are going to be doing lots of fun projects and activities.  Look at the overview to get an idea.





All about chocolate!


Are they prey, predator, or both?

Gods and Mortals

Finding out about Ancient Greece


All about river formation and the wildlife within

Urban Pioneers

Learn about the History of graffiti and urban art

Mighty Metals

Forces, metals and friction

Mrs Gartside

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any queries, or to tell me about yourselves, so we can get re-aquainted.