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Lesson 1

Where do woodlice like to live?

This scientific investigation of animals in their habitats will take several lessons. It is really important to think about  the needs of animals and avoid moving them. Please remember the Ground rules. See below for a reminder.

Where do woodlice like to live?

Look at the photo of a woodlouse below. Where do you think that the woodlouse would like to live - light and open or dark and damp? How could you test your predictions?

Habitat investigation

  • You are going to find out what type of material woodlice would like to live under. You can do this by placing squares of different materials. In school, we will be using: newspaper, clear plastic, dark plastic and carpet - on an area of earth. You can use any  4 materials that you can find at home that you think will be suitable. What conditions do you think the different materials create?
  • How do you think you can make a fair test? -  The squares should all be the same size and on the same type of earth in roughly the same area.
  • After a couple of weeks, you are going to go back to the squares and record how many woodlice have moved in. Which material do you think will have the most woodlice? You are going to leave the successful habitats in place as the beginning of a new minibeast city.
  • You are going to begin recording your Science investigation. You will be able to finish recording the investigation when you have checked underneath each material in a couple of weeks time.