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Lesson 1


In this lesson we are going to be practising using different materials to design and make a bee.

You will need the following resources: A paper plate with the centre part cut out, a big needle (with a big enough eye for the wool to go through), yellow wool, black wool, 2 x googly eyes, 1 x black pipe cleaner, white doily/felt or fabric, sellotape and a hole punch. 

If you don't have the resources above, you could always look at the picture below of the finished bee and swap some of the materials for things that you do have. 


1. Cut the centre part out of the paper plate (circular shape).

2. Use a hole punch to make a hole around the edge of the plate, equal distances apart (see picture).

3. Cut a piece of yellow wool (double the length of your arm, from your fingers to your elbow).

4. Thread your big needle with the wool.

5. Thread your wool through one of the holes from the back of the plate to the front and sellotape the wool, to hold it at the back.

6. Thread the wool through any hole on the opposite side, from front to back.

7. Keep threading and looping through different holes, in a zig zag shape, until the centre is full up with yellow wool (see picture).

8. You will need to keep securing the wool at the back, as you run out of thread and need a new piece. Either tie it in a knot to another piece of wool or tape it, to hold it.

9. Use the black wool to make the stripes (see picture).

10. Glue the doily (wings) on to each side.

11. Glue the eyes in place.

12. Glue the pipe cleaner in place.

Why not send a photo of your finished bee to you teacher?