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This is the end of our Red Riding Hood week. We are going to finish by writing the story.

Can you tell the story first? Use the puppets you made on Monday to help you. Look at the power points and video of the story from Monday. Who are the characters? Where is the story set? What happens- what is the problem? What happens at the end- what is the solution to the problem?

Stick the pictures in the correct order. Write a sentence for some of the pictures. There are a lot of sentences to write so you do not have to write a sentence for each picture. Choose your favourite parts of the story to write a sentence about.

If you are finding sentences hard to write then you can write a word or short caption for the picture. Don't forget to have a go at your own spellings. Use your sound mats and tricky word mats to help you. 

If you don't want to print the pictures then you can just write the main parts of the story in your book instead, or your favourite part of the story. When you have finished you could tell the story again, using the pictures to help you.

Well done. You have worked so hard this week. We hope that you have enjoyed listening to all the different fairy tales. I wonder where we will visit next week on our Amazing Journey?