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This week we are introducing the letter 'Pp'. What objects can you find around the home that start with the letter 'p'? Please find the song below:


To help with the letter formation use air writing to practise the shape. You can draw the letter shape on each others back, hands, tummy etc. Use large scale movements with paintbrushes and chalks to get the formation before writing with a pencil.

This week we are looking at the story The Mixed up Chameleon. Follow the code below for the story.

After you have watched the video, ask your child what happened to the Chameleon. You could have a go at colour mixing in your learning at home book.

What two colours make orange?

What two colours make green?

What two colours make purple?

What happens when you mix all the prime colours (red, yellow, blue) together?


Talk to your child about what makes them special, what are they good at? You could draw or write down what you're good at.