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We will begin by singing the tricky words songs. Choose the ones you need to practise.

Tricky Words Sight Words Song for I, go, to, no, is, the Phase 2

Tricky Words Song Phase 3 Tricky word song with Phase 3 tricky words he, she, we, me, be, was, my, you, they, are, all. Letters and Sounds Phonics Tricky Words

Phase 4 Tricky Words Song Sight Words Song for said, have, like, come, some, what, when Check out our online phonics games and printable resources! A fun sight word and tricky word song covering said have like come som...

Now use your sound mats to practise your Phase 2 and 3 sounds. If you know Phase 2 confidently, then just practise the Phase 3 sounds.
Now you are going to listen to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Here are a few versions. 

Mrs Christie tells the story.

Now you can make a story map. Use the story maps and draw, or stick on pictures from the story. Or, you can draw your own story map in your book. Can you tell the story? You can use the puppets as well if you would like to. 

Now you can choose a task to do.

Task 1:

Write the initial sounds or have a go at writing the whole word.   


Write the words from the story.

Task 2:

Write a sentence for each picture. Use the word mat to help you. 

For example:

Jack went up the beanstalk.

Well done. You have worked hard.