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Living and Growing

Click on the link below to see some photos from our 'Living Eggs' experience!

Baby Alexander and his Grandma Mrs Smallman came to visit us at school. The children discussed how they have grown since they were babies, and what they can do now that they could't do when they were younger. They were able to ask lots of questions to Mrs Smallman about baby Alexander. The children wanted to know what he liked to play with, what he drinks and eats, and lots more.



The children have enjoyed role playing with the babies in our home corner.



We set up some fabulous areas for the children to explore as they were learning during pet week.

The children have spent lots of time over the past few weeks reading stories and information books about pets and farm animals. They have loved taking care of animals in our vet role play area.

Our visit from Luke Skywalker - the pet snail!!