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Today we are going to look at Days of the Week and symmetrical patterns.

Listen to these days of the week songs.

Days of the Week Song | Day of the Week Rap Back | Educational Songs | Jack Hartmann

My days of the week song, Days of the Week Rap Back is a very popular calendar song teaching children the days of the week. In this video, children rap along...

Days of the Week Song | The Singing Walrus

Our "Days of the week song" is an interactive reggae-style tune that helps children remember all the days of the week in a fun way. Mother Hen leads the chil...

Here are some days of the week cards from The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Can you match the story cards to the correct day of the week? If you prefer you can make your own diary and draw pictures/label what you do each day of the week. You could start today and then continue it into next week.

White Rose Maths has looked at Days of the Week and Symmetry in this document:

Choose one or more of these activities to make a symmetrical butterfly. Or, make a painted butterfly like the White Rose Maths butterfly.