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Begin by counting in 1's to 20. Using your number line can you point to 13?

1 more than 15? 1 more than 9? 1 more than 19?

(Please help children to recognise that as we count on, each number is one more than the number before.)


Can you count back from 20 or 10, using your number line?

Have a look at the counting back song to help you practise counting back. 

(Please help children to recognise that as we count back, each number is one less than the previous number.)


Our number this week is 18

Can you do 18 actions e.g. jumps, hops, claps, bunny hops.

Look around the house or garden and collect 18 items. For example, 18 small pebbles, or 18 sticks. Well done! Now using those items, can you represent number 18 in different ways and record it in your book? Or you could take a photo of your arrangement of 18 and send it us to put on the website.

Can you tell your grown up what you know about 18? For example which number is one less than 18? One more than 18? 18 is between ....... and ........  

Now watch Number Blocks all about number 18.

NumberBlocks 18's song

Sesame Street Podcast Number 18

Counting Down From Twenty Song

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