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2D shapes

Today we are revising 2D shapes. Watch the shape songs to help you remember their names. There is a shape mat to help you. We are mainly thinking about circle, triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon and hexagon. If you want a challenge you can look at some other shapes too. 


Can you describe some shapes. Have a look around the house or garden. What shapes can you see? For example, what shape is your window or door?

Is the shape straight, curved, round, pointy, bigger, smaller, longer, shorter than. How many sides/corners has it got?

Perhaps you could put some shapes in a bag and guess by feeling them what they are. Can you describe them to a grown up or to your teddy?


Now you are going to make a shape picture. You can draw one in your book or use collage or paint to make a picture. Have a look at the shape worksheets for ideas. Or you could look around your house or garden to make some shape pictures with objects that you can find e.g. crayons inside or sticks outside.

You could take a photo and send it to us. We would love to see your shape pictures. 

Shape picture

Making a shape picture with objects.

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