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Mathematics - Number, Space, Shape and Measure

                  Space, Shape and Measure
In Titch's family there are three children. Titch, Mary and Peter. Titch is the shortest and Peter is the tallest. Who is the tallest in your family? Who is the shortest? Ask the members of your family to stand in a line in any order. Can you sort from shortest to tallest? Will it still be the same if you joined the line?

Have socks that are the same size and use them to measure how tall you are. Now find different sized socks and measure again. What have you noticed? Did you stil need the same amount of socks, more socks or fewer? Why do you think that is?

Ask your grown up to draw around your foot. Using this footprint cut out can you find items that are longer than your foot, shorter or about the same size? You could ask members of your family for their footprint templates too. Have a go at comparing them, are they the same size? Can you arrange them in order?

Finish off today's session by watching this video of Where's My Teddy? by Jez Albrough. What do you notice about the bears in the story?

"Where's My Teddy" read aloud.

"Where's My Teddy" by, Jez Alborough. Read aloud.