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Mathematics Number, Space, Shape and Measure

Space, Shape and Measure


Today we will continuing our learning on length. Ask your grown up to help you find a variety of pieces of ribbon, lace, string etc. of different lengths. Now ask your grown up to tape one piece onto a surface eg the table. Well done. Now can you make comparisons  with the different pieces you have. Have a go at sorting the lengths into the same as, longer than and shorter than the given length.

Task 1 Look at the snake sheet. All the snakes at different lengths. Can you cut them out and sort from longest to shortest? Task 2 Have a go at the length challenge cards. Well done!

Playdough activity

As an extension could you ask your grown up to make you some playdough? Can you use the playdough to make a long snake? A short snake? A thick snake? Show me the longest snake you can make. How many blocks long is your snake? Brilliant work this week everyone! You are all Amazing :)

Simple playdough recipe