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Warm up

Begin by counting and number recognition. Count in 1's as far as you can go. 

Can you count back from 20?  20, 19, 18... Keep going until you reach 0.

Ask your grown to say a number and you have to find it on the number line.

Now using your number line, can you  count in 2's.

2, 4, 6 ,8 .... Which number comes next?

Can you count in 10's? Use your 100 square to help you.

10, 20, 30....Which number comes next?

If you want a challenge you could write this in your book

.Now complete Task 1 or Task 2. Task 2 is bit more difficult. Choose the one which you can complete with a little help.   

Task 1 addition to 10       1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

Count how many altogether. You can draw the pictures in your book and then write the answer. Or, you can get the same number of objects and just write the answer in your book. 






Task 2 addition to 10

Your task is to complete the addition  in your book. Remember to use objects to help with counting. Using a number line will help too. You could print the pictures off and match them to the correct answer. Or, write the number sentences in your book with the correct answer.


Addition to 20

If you would like a further challenge then add ten to each initial number. For example, 4+2 = 6. Change to 14+2 =16. 

                5+4=9. Change to 15+4=