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Happy Friday!


We done with all your hard work this week.


Your job today is to make pizza! You could paint one, cut one out of paper with paper toppings or make a playdoh pizza. Maybe you could use sand as your base and create toppings from the garden, like stones and leaves.


The only thing you have to do is make sure that your toppings are shared equally on top of your pizza.

For example, a quarter of your pepperoni must be on each quarter of your pizza.

Divide your pizza base into quarters and then share out your toppings equally between each quarter.

I love pineapple on a pizza so if I have 8 chunks of pineapple, how many chunks must I have on each quarter?

That's right, 2 chunks. 1/4 of 8 is 2.


Have fun and send us a photo of your pizzas!