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Maths-Space, Shape and Measure


Today you will be learning about Taking away


Begin by watching the video counting back from 100 to 1.

Count Backwards By 1s From 100 | Jack Hartmann

Count backwards by 1s from 100 to 0 and get great exercise too. This is a continuous version counting down from 100 to 0 with no interruptions. Your children...

Task 1 Now have a go at completing this subtraction worksheet.

Additional activities- Can you spot where the spider is? Is it in front? behind? in front? next to?

Well done for all your hard work today! Why not have a go at creating a spider using an egg carton? You could cut out a spider web or weave a spider web on a paper plate. Great work!

You have worked really hard today. Great work! Now enjoy watching the video and singing along with the rhyme Incy Wincy Spider!

Incy Wincy Spider

Incy Wincy Spider This weeks nursery rhyme has more fantastic singing by Marri Nallos. You may be surprised to lea...