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We will be including some ideas from White Rose Maths each day this week, because the activities are based on the story of The Princess and the Wizard. In addition to the daily maths activity, there will be one White Rose Maths activity each day that you are free to complete if you would like to. Click on the link to watch the video each day- week 7, The Princess and the Wizard.

The Princess and the Wizard written by Julia Donaldson

Julia Donaldson, The Princess and the Wizard, kids book. Julia Donaldson's The Princess and the Wizard narrated by myself with the characters read by my kids.

Odds and Evens

Today we are going to be learning about odd and even numbers.

Have a look at these activities and guidance first.

Now watch this power point.
Now complete this worksheet.

White Rose Maths Day 1 activities.