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Good morning! We hope you've had a lovely weekend.


Can I find 1/2 or 1/4 of an amount?


Are you ready to have a go at some Fractions?? You'll need to collect some toys together. Collect 20 cars, dolls, trains, stones, balls of playdoh....and pretend they are the cubes we use in the classroom.


Can you remember how to find half of an amount?

Share your 20 items into 2 equal groups.

How many toys are in each group? You've found half of 20.smiley


Can you remember how to find a quarter of an amount?

Share the 20 toys into 4 equal groups now.

How many toys are in each group now? You've found a quarter of 20. smiley


Do the same again with 8, 12 and 16 toys. Try 15? What do you notice?? 


Have a look at the powerpoint on Fractions.


In your pack there are some Fraction of amounts sheets to have a go at. Keep using your toys to help you. smiley