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Today it's Money!


Can I find the change from 10p and 20p?

We are going to practise giving change from 10p and 20p.


First of all, can you write in your work book all the Number Bonds to 10? 

Now have a go at 20?


Now lets think about those number bonds as money. 9p+1p=10p



There are 2 sheets in your pack to help you practise change from 20p.

Have a go at the change from 10p sheet below first.

Maybe you could make a shop at home. Label your toys with small amounts under 20p. Gather some coins together. If you haven't got any, make some out of paper or playdoh. Practise being the shopkeeper and giving change. smiley 


You don't have to complete all the activities, just have a go!