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Friday's Answers 


This week is all about decimals. We have already done lots of work on decimals this year and you have been great so this will hopefully refresh your memory! 


Don't forget, you took a place value chart home in your pack to help you with this. 


Firstly, look at these calculations and consider the following questions- 


Why is it important to line up our columns?

What happens when there are ten in a place value column?

Why is the position of the decimal place important?




Remember- you will encounter calculations where the numbers have a different amount of decimal places: 

3.561 + 2.7 


You will need to think carefully about place value when setting calculations like these out as a column addition- 






If you are still finding this tricky, remember, you can make the numbers have the same number of digits by using zero: 







Working Towards- If you feel you need a little more practise complete 'Varied Fluency' first- you can then move on to TYM A if you have mastered it! 

Expected- TYM P.104, B 

Greater Depth- TYM P.104, C 


If you feel like you need a little more challenge, find them below! smiley