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Today's Maths is all about units of time. 


See if you can complete the following sentences: 


There are ___ months in a year. 


There are  ___ weeks in a month. 


There are ___ days in a year. 


There are ___ hours in a day.


There are ___ minutes in an hour.  


There are ___ seconds in minute


Find the answers below. 


We can use the 7 times table to help us convert numbers of days into weeks and days (because there are 7 days in a week). 


For example, look at the top row of the table. We need to convert 52 days into weeks and days-


52 divided by 7 is 7 remainder 3 


The answer is 7 weeks and 3 days. 



Weeks/ Weeks and Days






7 weeks 5 days


 9 weeks 4 days



Complete Task 1 to practise converting between different units of time. 

If you want more challenge there are additional tasks below  smiley

There are _12months in a year. 


There are  _4weeks in a month (approximately). 


There are _365__ days in a year. 


There are _24hours in a day.


There are _60minutes in an hour.  


There are _60seconds in minute