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Enjoy singing these counting on and back to twenty songs. Remember when we count on we are adding more. When we count back we are taking away.

Use the Jack and the Beanstalk 100 square to practise 1 more and 1 less to 20.


Can you count in twos to 20?


Can you count in fives to 50?


Can you count in tens to 100?


Can you use this 100 square to count.

Our number this week is 20.

Can you do 20 actions e.g. jumps, hops, claps, bunny hops. Are you tired now with all those actions?

Look around the house or garden and collect 20 items. For example, 20 small pebbles, or 20 sticks. Well done! Now using those items, can you represent number 20 in different ways and record it in your book? Or you could take a photo of your arrangement of 20 and send it us to put on the website.

Can you tell your grown up what you know about 20? For example which number is one less than 20? One more than 20? 20 is between ....... and ........  

Now  order numbers from 1 to 20, using the magic bean worksheet or writing the numbers in your book.


If you would like a challenge you could try the magic bean sheet ordering to 50.


Well done- great number work.