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Maths Autumn 1

Maths, Autumn 1:

This term we explored numbers, ordered them to 20, wrote them and explored place value with tens and ones.  We have done addition and subtraction, reading and writing number sentences, finding number bonds for 10 and discovering number families.  We've also measured things in different ways and used money.

Reading Counting & Ordering Numbers, 9th Sept

More, Less, or the Same, 13th Sept

Place value: Partitioning Numbers, - 10s & 1s, and making 'teen' numbers, 16-20th September

Using number lines to subtract, 3rd Oct

Money - recognising the value of coins, putting them in order, then using them to pay for items, 7th - 10th October

Partitioning 'teen' numbers using the 'whole part part' cherry method, 22nd Oct

Making number sentences, using number families - linked addition and subtraction, 7th Nov

Sorting and investigating the properties of solid (3D) shapes and patterns 18th-22nd Nov