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Maths Challenge BLOG 1

Introducing our new DAILY MATHS CHALLENGES!  Each day I will post a maths challenge.  Have a go, either on your own, or with a grown up.  If you can, ask a grown up to email me your completed challenge and I will post on here.  Good Luck!

Monday's Maths Challenge!

Good morning.  I've already had some of your maths challenges sent to me, which is fantastic!  You are obviously all far too clever at your maths (which is wonderful), very proud of you all.  Well done laugh


Poppy says "Well done!"


  DJ Suki says "Fabulous!"

Wow!  You have all been so busy today doing your maths challenge.  

   Satin & Chenille say well done!


Biggie says "Wow!  You did it in 1½ minutes."

Good afternoon - you have all been so busy doing your maths challenge, I am very impressed.  Below are some of the challenges that you have sent me.  Very well done smiley.


 Mandy Sparkledust says you are all amazing!

Thank you for the kind words of "have a lovely day Mrs Wojcik" - sending my wishes back to youheartSo quick too, one of you told me you did it in 1 minute 40 seconds!  Super speedy! 

Some more super speedy maths challenges completed!  Well done.laugh


Today it's all about repeated pattern sequences.  I will post your pictures on here as I received them...have fun!

I love the sticker idea! Brilliantsmiley

I have found a nice online pattern sequence game if you want to try it.  Click on link below.  Enjoylaugh
Some lovely patterns created herelaugh


Some very clever use of stock cubes to make your repeated pattern - I love it! heart

Sorry for the delay....

These are wonderful, you are all so clever!


  Grandma Rosiepuff is impressed!

Friday's challenges...


The whole gang want to say well done everyone.