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Problem Solving Maths Targets

All children will be coming home with some new targets. Some children's target will be

  • To solve simple problems, including doubling, halving and sharing.


Here are a few examples of questions you could ask:

  • I have 6 apples. I eat half of them. How many do I have left?
  • I buy 5 sweets. My friend buys double the number of sweets that I buy. How many sweets does my friend have?
  • There are 10 people on the bus. Half of them get off at the next bus stop. How many people are left on the bus.
  • My hen lays 4 eggs on Monday. On Tuesday she lays double. How many eggs does she lay on Tuesday?

There are lots of things you could be doing with your children at home to support them in maths. Click on the link below for lots of ideas and activities.


Any counting you can do is great!

  • objects (pasta pieces/sticks/beads)
  • movements (steps/claps/jumps)
  • sounds (listening for claps/stamps/bangs on a drums)

All of these would be good number practise for your child. Can your child count out 5 objects from a larger group? Practise not only chanting numbers out loud but also moving objects as they count, e.g:

  • building towers and counting how many bricks
  • sorting coloured beads and counting how many in each group
  • counting toys