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Memory box


Welcome to our new project, Memory Box! Today, we invited our younger brothers, sisters and cousins into school for the afternoon. We prepared some snacks for them and decided what kind of toys they would like to play with. We thought about what we wanted to find out about the younger children and asked their mummies some questions. We asked: How old is your child? Can they walk yet? What was their first word? What do they eat? What do they drink? Can they use the toilet yet? What is their favourite toy?

What were the answers?


We have been looking at photographs of us when we were babies and toddlers. How old do you think we are? What have we learned to do? Who do you recognise? We made frames for our special photographs.


Today, we started our first Talk 4 Writing unit! Our story is called Avocado Baby. We passed some avocados around the circle and used our senses to explore them. What did they feel and smell like? Then we cut them in half to discover what they are like inside. We thought of some really interesting adjectives to describe the avocado and then we tasted it! Did you like it?