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Hello everyone, how are you all? HAPPY LAST DAY! Wow! What a strange year it has been! We have missed you all and have been thinking of you all everyday. It has been wonderful to keep in touch with so many of you and see all the fantastic work you have been doing at home. We are SO PROUD of you for working so hard at home...who would have thought we would have been doing that when Year 4 started? AND NOW IT'S DONE! SUMMER HOLIDAYS laugh Have a brilliant, deserved rest and get yourself refreshed and ready for Year 5. It is so hard to put into words how proud of you we are, we wish we could say it to you all in person. See you all soon!


Love from Mr Hallam and Mrs Allen yes



Hi everyone! laugh


How are you all? Hope you are all well and enjoying a lovely weekend now the sunshine seems to be back. Tomorrow brings another week of home learning and myself and Mrs Allen would like to hear from you if you need any help with any of the please get in touch. Or send over your pictures of your week, your activities or just check in with us angel We miss you all!


Keep working hard, stay motivated and there are more TT Rockstars games available too. 


Look forward to hearing from you,

Mr Hallam blush



Good morning everyone and HAPPY HALF TERM! laugh


Hope you are all well and keeping safe. Please keep sending over any pictures of your work, we love seeing them. We won't be posting any work during half term, you all deserve a well-earned rest yes


Please send over your STEP CHALLENGE count, we need to get to 2 million! Please email them over to me via the contact form.


Thank you and miss you all,

Mr Hallam



Good evening everyone,


Can you believe it's the last week of term?! Time is moving fast... Thank you for sending so many fabulous smoothie photos in today. I so enjoyed looking at them all and uploading them to the website, though they have made me feel rather hungry! There is also a video for you to enjoy complete with a family of guinea pigs to make sure you take a look cheeky


I've been enjoying seeing some of you at school and helping you with school work, playing Mario Kart and falling over playing 'golf-tennis' - yes, I have fallen over my own feet AGAIN! Seriously clumsy teacher... 


Did you know that our school achieved step challenge one last week, climbing Everest? AMAZING! Get cracking on challenge two using the link on the Y4 page if you have some spare time - we need over 2 million steps this time surprise


I hope you're all keeping well. All the teachers are looking forward to seeing you as soon as we can.


Take care and stay safe,


Mrs Allen x



Hello everyone and happy Bank Holiday weekend! laugh We hope you are all well and had some lovely VE Day celebrations!


Another week of home learning begins tomorrow and work will be uploaded by myself and Mrs Allen every day. Please get in touch via the contact forms if you need any help or support with anything yes Keep sending over your photos too, we love seeing what you are all getting up to!


TT ROCKSTARS! Not many of you are completing the weekly activities so please get on there and get practicing. Important to keep up to speed with your tables. 


Lastly, don't forget to join in with our St. John's Step Challenge! Have a look at the page on our PE webpage or on the Year 4 page and help us complete our first challenge of climbing Mount Everest.


Speak soon smiley Mr H



Happy Star Wars day, everyone!


Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. My brother very kindly delivered us a HUGE Sunday dinner today and we scoffed the lot! So that we didn't fall into a food coma, Mr Allen and I went for a walk and, to my surprise, I had the pleasure of seeing some of you out and about. Thank you for stopping and chatting with your families - it made my day laugh 


I have added lots of photographs to the home learning photos page so have a look at all the creative things that your friends are getting up to - you might get inspired to try something new!


Take care and look after each other,


Mrs Allen x





Hello everyone! laugh


Thank you so much to all the children who entered the Y4 Writing Competition! We had loads of entries and we are busy reading them and whittling it down to 5 winners!


You have all made it so difficult for us to choose! The 5 winners will be contacted soon about their prizes but everyone who entered will receive a little gift upon our return to school. 


Thank you and well done everyone blush

Mr H yes



Hello everyone laugh


TT ROCKSTARS! Don't forget to head over to TT Rockstars to keep practicing your times tables loads! We are setting challenges and activities on there every week.


Y4 WRITING COMPETITION - two more days to have a go at our Y4 story writing competition. Have a look on the home learning page for more details yes


Speak soon,

Mr H



Hello everyone,


Welcome back, hope you are all well and have had a lovely Easter holiday! We miss you all massively and can't wait to see more of the wonderful things you have been up to...keep sending your pictures over to us and we will fill the Home Learning Photo Gallery laugh


Today sees the Home Learning begin again and you will find two tasks posted each day once again. There will also be some cool afternoon activities and challenge work to keep you busy. yes Get in touch if you need help.


You will also be set lots of TT Rockstars games and challenges so keep checking...don't forget to challenge us too! cheeky


BURPS, BOTTOMS AND BILE is our new project so have a look at that tab for some great activities and videos! Also, if you get bored or want to keep working we will be adding extra home learning tasks in our new watch this space!


Miss you all, speak again soon! Mr Hallam wink



Good morning ladies and gentlemen!


I hope you're all doing well - especially now the sunshine has returned laugh


TTRockstars update: TWO Year four children are topping the school leaderboard with speed averages of 0.98 and 0.99 seconds per calculation - AMAZING! Samuel has taken the lead from Mackenzie by just 0.01 second...


There are some new photographs on the Easter home learning page for you to enjoy and don't forget to try some of the activities and games under the links from previous weeks. Please remember to vote for which World's Worst Children chapter you'd like to hear next - it's a draw at the moment...


Take care,


Mrs Allen.



Hello everyone! laugh How are you all? Hope you are all well and not driving your parents too mad cheeky


Today is the day we break up for the Easter holidays! We won't be setting daily work during the Easter break but some resources will be made available on the school website. We will let you know where and when as soon as possible yes


Also, please keep sending us all your fantastic pictures! We love seeing the work you're doing and the fun you are having! Send us pictures of you scoffing your Easter eggs too! wink


We have set lots of TT Rockstar challenges for you so please log in and have a go. Why not challenge me or Mrs Allen too? Bet you can't beat us!


We both really miss you all but we are very glad you are all happy and safe. Have a brilliant Easter holiday and keep checking on here for any messages from us! laugh


Speak soon, Mr Hallam yes



Happy April, everyone!


Hopefully this means more sunshine for us all... 


I have added some interesting questions for you to think about under the Burps, Bottoms and Bile section in this week's home learning. Choose one (or more) and find out as much as you can! The more disgusting, the better cool


Looking forward to hearing from you,


Mrs A.



Hello everyone, 


Can you believe it's April Fool's Day on Wednesday?! You still have a couple of days to plan the most original, funny pranks... mwahahahahahaaa!


If you have some spare time, have a look on Nat Geo Kids. There is plenty to explore including how the human body works and the deepest, darkest depths of outer space! There are also plenty of games that you can play, quizzes to try and even competitions for you to enter - with prizes... 


The top of the TTRockstars leader board is even tighter now, with the gap between first and second place shrinking to just 0.004 seconds! Keep trying your best yes


Mrs A x

                Messages from us



Hello everyone smiley


Hope you have all enjoyed a lovely weekend and have managed to get outside and enjoy the sunshine! You will find more work being uploaded for you each day this week. We hope that you have been able to access the learning okay, please let us know via the contact forms if you have any problems with the work or accessing it yes Keep sending us your pictures, we are so proud of all you are doing and it brightens up our day!


Speak again soon,


Mr H laugh



Good morning everyone,


 I hope you've got the Friday feeling!! Thank you for all of you hard work and fabulous photos this week - knowing that you're doing your best with your work and finding lots of creative things to do makes us teachers so proud. 


It's close at the top of the TTRockstars leaderboard this week with just 0.09 seconds between first and second position: third place is only 0.35 seconds behind! Mackenzie is our current leader... Can anyone catch him?! 


Wishing you all a great weekend - hopefully the sunshine will stay with us. 


Take care, 


Mrs A angel



Hi everybody,


I hope you are all well and enjoying this glorious sunshine! Myself and Mrs Allen are really enjoying hearing about all the fantastic work you have been doing. Please let us know via the contact forms on our class pages if you would like to send us any pictures of what the children have been up to smiley Tomorrow, with the daily work, we will set some spellings for the children to learn and for you to do your very own home spelling tests! 


Also, here's an Art challenge for you! Can you draw or paint a 'life drawing' of something outside? A tree, plant, animal...anything that inspires you! Get creative, you can do this however you like! Even electronically if you know how!


Lastly, if you go on to our school 'PE and Sport Premium' page in the 'About Us' section...there are loads of cool active videos for you to try in the 'PE at home' section. More Joe Wicks, some Just Dance and even a cool dance routine to 'Dance Monkey'. Enjoy!


Can't wait to hear from you,


Mr H laugh



Hello all, 


Amazon have made all book and audio book subscriptions FREE for as long as schools are closed! Get browsing - there are some true classics and great new reads on there. I recommend 'The Boy at the back of the Class' and the Michael Morpurgo book that we were about to start in class, 'The Fox and the Ghost King'.


Enjoy 😊 


Mrs A.



Hello everybody, Mrs Allen here laugh


I really hope that you've enjoyed the sunshine today - what glorious weather it has been... I'm really looking forward to being in school on Friday so, if you're there, give me a HUGE wave! I want to hear all about your antics. If you're not at school, now's your chance to get creative... Create the coolest outside art picture that you can using natural materials: leaves; pebbles; sticks and twigs - anything that you can find (don't pull up your parents' plants!!). If you need some inspiration, have a look online at outdoor art by Andy Goldsworthy.


If you can send a photograph of your artwork using the contacts form then Mr Hallam and I will post them for everybody to enjoy. 


Take care,


Mrs A x

Message from Mr Hallam - 21.3.20


Hello, hope you are all well and having a relaxing weekend during this strange and uncertain time. Your child will have brought home a 'Home Learning Pack' this week. In there you will find some resources to help with home learning work, some colouring, some times tables and a book to complete their work in. 


Work will be posted daily in the 'Home Learning' (the rainbow icon) section of this year group webpage by myself and Mrs Allen for all Year 4 children to complete on a daily basis. We will also set TT Rockstars sessions too so keep checking on there. Children will also be able to use and log on to Accelerated Reader between 9am-3.30pm to quiz on books they have read.


Lastly, should you have any problems or queries you will find a contact form in our class pages further up this Year 4 webpage. Please do get in touch directly with us should you have any questions, need any help or just want to check in! Look after yourselves and I will keep updating this regularly.