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Hey everyone! 


I am missing you lots and lots. Please keep in touch through the contact form and message me whenever you like :)

Can you guess who has been very busy today? Excellent robot outift for our project - amazing!!!!! I'll reveal the answer at the end of the week!

Look at these awesome instructions 'How to wash a LLama'. Super impressed with you :)

Excellent instruction wriitng from Jack - Well done :)

Had a picture of some fabulous instructions this morning. How to dress a bee!!!

Freya has done an amazing friction experiment at home! I saw a video of all of her different materials used and these are her results and conclusion. Outstanding work Freya :)

Check out these lovely drinks that were designed for me! Left from Codi. Right from Poppy. Yummmmmmyyyy!

I would like to give a very special birthday shout out to the following people who have had their birthday recently:


Ruby McCormick

Charlie Sellers


I hope you both had fantastic days celebrating your birthday.   


Hello all, Miss Thompson here. I just wanted to update you on the house moving situation as I know you liked being updated.

and ...

I GET THE KEYS NEXT WEEK! I am really excited that I can finally move in.

Have a great half term everyone smiley

Miss Thompson x

Jack's fabulous poem and art work!

More amazing writing ...hand written and typed!

Some more fantastic writing today ... Well done Evie!

I'm truly blown away by Freya's writing today!

J'adore Lois' French work! Brilliant :)

Check out this amazing capacity work! Well done boys ... looks so much fun!

Look at this amazing 'stay safe in the sun' leaflet. An excellent effort!

Fantastic junk modelling! What a great way to spend your spare time.

Fantastic maths and French work and spending time in the sun (I can see you are wearing your hat to stay safe!) Lovely photos :)

Jack did some amazing maths and project work last week. Brilliant!

India has been busy with her wriitng and also sewing a bean bag with her mum. How wonderful!

Wow Jack! You really have amazed me with your writing. Super!

Check out the girls doing a facetime spelling test! Excellent!

Check out this great French work. Mrs Winson-Bushby will be impressed!

Somebody has been a very busy bee! A great way to spend your spare time :)

Some brilliant SPAG work from today and some shadow exploring from last week. Excellent work - well done you!

I've had some fantastic pieces of writing come in from the past few days. Well done to Codi (left) and Jack for your great efforts!

Check out this great graffiti art tag. Simply amazing - well done Evie!

I've had lots of great art work sent today. I'm very proud of all of you! From left to right we have Amelia, Evie, Jack, India and Ruby.

I've heard from Frank today. He is enjoying all of his work and trying really hard. Keep it up Frank :)

Check out Evie's English and French work from this week. Fantastic!

Somebody has been very busy today. Excellent effort Amelia!

Fabulous maths work. Superstar!

Another brilliant piece of writing from Amelia. Just fantastic!

Look at this amazing piece of writing. Well done, I really enjoyed reading it!

Check out Ruby's English work. Great work Ruby - keep it up :)

Poppy's character choice - I think you and Smudge would make good friends!

Check out Jack's great maths!

Super maths can you complete the challenge. If you would like to do the challenge you can email the answers (or use the contact form if you haven't got my email).

Look at this fantastic park. She has called it 'The Wonder Park'. I would definately go there!

He's is on a roll! Great project and maths work :)

Check out the angle work below (Left by Alfie)

It's been so great ot hear from so many of you. Aaron has been doing some fantastic work with his sister. They even recreated several famous paintings! Ameila has been working very hard on TTrockstars. Lois has being doing lots of independent writitng including writing a letter. I've seen some great French work from Alfie and Codi. Zac has been very busy over the last couple of weeks doing lots of Easter actvitites.  I've also heard that Frank has been very busy doing lots of work and enjoying long walks. Well done everyone :) 

Check out Codi's graffiti name - how cool!

Alfie has been very creative with his urban pioneers project work! Well done.

Look at this fantastic poster from last term's project - superstar!

Look at some of Evie's amazing work on aquatic plants :)

Another fantastic work entry from Poppy - great project work!

Thank you Poppy for sending in your river description. I am very impressed - what a star!

He has been doing some great maths and some funky art - creating animals out of natural resources!