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This week we would like you continue with work on angles. 


Today's work involves you using your knowledge of angles to find missing angles. You will not need to use your protractor. 


Firstly, use what you learnt last week to complete these sentences: 


An acute angle is less than ____ degrees. 


A right angle is ____ degrees. 


An obtuse angle is greater than ____ degrees but less than ____ degrees. 


There are ____ degrees in a straight line


There are ____ degrees in a full turn


(Find the answers below to check if you were right). 




How can you use what you already know about angles on a straight line to help you identify the missing angle?




                                                                                        ? = 180 ̊- 140 ̊



                                                                                            ? = 40 ̊





You will find today's sheets in your pack, but they are also below if you need them. 


Working Towards: Target Your Maths- Page- 116 A,  Q- 1-6 

Expected: Target Your Maths- Page 117 B, Q- 1-6

Greater Depth- Target Your Maths- Page 117 C, Q- 1-6


If you want an extra challenge, find them below!