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Task 1: Maths

We hope that you are continuing to enjoy the beautiful weather as well as completing your tasks. This week, we will be using the White Rose maths resources, which can be found using the link below. You will need to:

-watch the video (Lesson 1 - Add fractions);

-click on ‘Get the Activity’ to complete as much as you can of the day’s work; and

-mark it yourself using ‘Get the Answers’ (no peeking!).

If you cannot print any necessary sheets, you can copy the questions into your home learning book.

We hope that you enjoy this new way of learning at home and we look forward to receiving your messages and photographs of your work!

Task 2: English

I hope you have all had a good weekend. Back to Voices in the Park! Below there is a link to the online book.  Click on the link and then click on a character to read their voice. This is an animated version of the story. Make sure your sound is on and you will be able to hear a few sounds like footsteps. Also, if you click on 'Read Story' the character reads to you! I hope you enjoy it!


After you have spent some time on the online version, open up Monday's PDF to find out today's task.