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Task 1: Maths

We hope that you enjoyed your weekend. This week, we will be focusing on volume and capacity. Below is an explanation of both of these.

For your task, you will need:

     -a measuring jug

     -5 containers (the stranger the shape, the better. Ensure they have no holes and you ask a parent before moving or using them).



     -find somewhere suitable to complete the task (for example, outside or near a sink).

     -make an estimate: how much water do you think each container will hold?

     -fill a measuring jug with water then pour this slowly into a container. Subtract this from the original amount. See example below if you are unsure. If the container is not full, fill the measuring jug to the same level as before and pour it into the container until the container is full. Remember how many jugs you have used!

     -repeat as above for all of the other containers, remembering to fill the measuring jug to the same level each time.

     -record your measurements in a table in your Home Learning book or use the example given.

     -answer these questions about your measurements:

          -which container has the greatest capacity? Least?

          -what is the difference in the volumes of water in containers 1 and 3?

          -what is the total volume of water in containers 4 and 5?

          -what is the total volume of water in all 5 of your containers?

If you have any difficulty, refer to your resource pack or contact us for more support. Want more? Check out your challenge!


Find the difference in capacity between each estimate and the actual capacity. Did any of the measurements surprise you? Why?

Task 2: English

This week we are going to focus on poetry. Your main task today is to read the poem below 'Last night I saw the city breathing' and to begin to understand it.


After reading the poem, please make your way through the PowerPoint and complete the mini tasks.


I have also posted your spellings from Friday below for you to practice. Keep up the great work!

Task 3 (optional): Daily Challenge!

Each day this week, we are going to set you an optional third task. The rules are very simple:

-we will set the theme by 9am that morning.

-you need to draw, paint, model or photograph something that represents the theme.

-e-mail us a photograph of your creation by 2pm on that same day.

-please check with an adult that they are happy for you to enter.

-please only show the item in the photograph.

Miss Thompson and Mrs Higgs will upload all of the photographs together in the 'Your Achievements' section so that you can have a giggle at what other children in Y3 have created.

If you have not yet contacted us to send in your photographs, send us a message through the contact forms and we will send you a way.

Good luck!

Theme 1: The silliest thing you can wear on your feet.