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Task 1: Maths

This week, we will be focusing on calculating money for the second time. Below is a resource to help you to understand, but you can skip straight to the main task if you are ready. If you have any difficulty, refer to your resource pack or contact us for more support. Want more? Check out your challenge!

Task 2: English

For the next couple of weeks our English focus is going to be on instructions. So over the next few days, we will be looking deeper into instruction writing so that next week we can confidently write our own set of instructions next week including all the correct features


Today is a comprehension task on recipes. Please use your home learning book to answer the questions or an alternative book / piece of paper.


Below you can choose your level:

* - practice (working towards)

** on track (secure understanding)

*** aiming higher (deep understanding)


BEWARE: the answers are on the same sheet at the bottom so no peeping!

Comprehension Task

Our new project is: Mighty Metals


Check out some home learning ideas below.