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The World's Worst Children 3: Hank's Pranks

Have a go at a few of the pages in the Arithmetic booklet each day as part of your Maths Home Learning this week. If there is anything you are not sure of or get stuck on, please get in touch with us laugh 

(The Chili Challenges are extra Maths challenges for each week day)

Afternoon Activity


Sports Day Challenge 3

Each week, one afternoon activity will be a sports day related challenge. Can you build on it each week and get better and better and better, ready to host your own Home Sports Day?



Cross Country Challenge

This week...the challenge is a BIG RUN! How far can you run? How long before you get out of breath? Get yourself outside, take your family and go for a run in the sun. Let Mr Hallam or Mrs Allen know just how far you have ran. We will let you all know the Y4 winner for the longest, fastest runner!