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Bonnie Bossypants

Do you know anyone who is a bit bossy? What about VERY bossy? Is it you?! See how Bonnie compares...

Billionaire Boy


Over the next two weeks, most of our English learning will be based on the story of the Billionaire Boy by David Walliams. Watch and listen to the fantastic Tanya Hewitt reading all of the chapters of the story to you every day and even watch the film as a relaxing could even make it a family movie night. Popcorn anyone? Enjoy the story and we can't wait for you to hear all about Joe Spud and his BumFresh Billions!

Billionaire Boy Chapter 1

Afternoon Activity


Sports Day Challenge 4

Each week, one afternoon activity will be a sports day related challenge. Can you build on it each week and get better and better and better, ready to host your own Home Sports Day?



Sack Race Challenge

This week...the challenge to have your very own SACK RACE!


Grab yourself an old pillow case or a big bin bag....make yourself a track in the garden or at the park and GO! Can you beat your Mum, Dad, brothers or sisters? Send in your pictures! laugh