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We hope that you had a lovely weekend and that you got the opportunity to enjoy some of the glorious weather last week! 


It was lovely to hear from some of you and to see some of the brilliant work that you have been busy completing! It really brightens our day when we hear from you. smiley 


We know how much some of you love science, so we hope that you enjoy the project tasks for this week. 


We also know how much some of you enjoy sport, so why not create your own mini sports day at home. What about an egg and spoon race? (perhaps best to do that one outside!) or an obstacle course?! 


Keep us updated and have a wonderful week!


Love from Miss Cooper, Mrs Newton and Mrs Hodgson x 


The more you take away from me, the larger I become. What am I?


I am full of keys, but I cannot open any door. What am I?


Today's work follows on from last week's work on statistics. We are going to be looking at pie charts. 


Have a look at the following PowerPoint- 


If this pie chart shows the data for 16 children, we can use our knowledge of fractions to help us work out what each section represents. 


Half of the pie chart is red. Half of 16 is 8. 8 children chose History as their favourite subject. 


One quarter of the pie chart is yellow. One quarter of 16 is 4. 4 children chose English as their favourite subject. 


We can halve the quarter again to find one eighth (the blue section). children chose Art as their favourite subject. 


See if you can use this to work out the number of children who chose PE and IT. 


Choose a task from the following document to complete-

If you would like some more challenging work, you can look at the PowerPoint below. This will be much more difficult and it certainly isn't expected, but I know that some of you mathematicians like a challenge! smiley