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Don’t forget to do some reading everyday. Look at the websites we have included on our Home Learning page. When you share a book look out for the  sounds and words that you know.  Practise your Phase 2 and Phase  3 sounds and tricky words regularly. We have included them in your home learning pack. Remember to play  all the fun games that we enjoy on the Phonics Play website. I’m also  sure Geraldine the Giraffe (Mr Thorne on YouTube) would be happy to help you practise your sounds at home. 

3D shape hunt


Go on a shape hunt around your house. What shapes can you find. Can you build a model with them. You might find a lot of shapes in the kitchen cupboard or maybe look at your toys. Can you find any shapes in the garden? If you have any empty boxes you could make a model.
Think about these questions:

Can you sort the shapes into groups?

Why did you put these shapes together?

How is this set different to the other set?

Which shapes are best for stacking?

Which shapes work best on top?

Are there any shapes which are not good for building? Why?

Do some shapes roll?

What do you notice about the set of shapes that roll and the set of shapes that don’t roll?



Writing about the life cycle of a chicken


In your book draw the chicken and egg life cycle. Label the pictures and then write a caption or sentence for each picture. Use your phonics to help spell words. If you use a tricky word then you can use your word mats to help you spell the word.