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Old MacDonald Had A Farm | Super Simple Songs for children

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This week we are learning about farm animals. Choose an animal and ask your grown up to help you find out information about it using the PowerPoint attached. There's lots to remember isn't there? Well done for listening! Now in your book, can you write some information about your chosen animal. You can choose between Task 1 or Task 2. ( Task 2 is a little bit harder). Make sure you have your Tricky Word list with you to help you with some of the words.

Task 1 Write simple captions about an animal. For example, you could draw and label a picture of your chosen animal and write:

It has...

It can...

It is...

Well done!

Task 2 Write some sentences about your chosen animal.

How many sentences have you written? If you can, maybe you could write about a second animal? You could finish by drawing a picture of your chosen animal!

Great work!

We look forward to celebrating everyone's work on Tapestry!smiley



Begin by counting in 1's to 20. Using your number line can you point to 11?

1 more than 12? 1 more than 8? 1 more than 13?

(Please help children to recognise that as we count on, each number is one more than the number before.)

Our number this week is 17

Look around the house or garden and collect 17 items. For example, 17 small pebbles. or 17 leaves. Well done! Now using those items, can you represent number 17 in different ways and record it in your book?

Now watch Number Blocks all about number 17!

Numberblocks- 1️⃣7️⃣