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Wow, what an amazing year it has been! The class I have had the pleasure of teaching and growing with this year have been fantastic and each and every one of the children have done superbly well, worked hard and been a joy to teach. Working at St. John's with children like these wonderful little people makes teaching an absolute pleasure. Thank you to all of the children and the parents for all the support this year. I will miss them dearly next year but I know they are well prepared for Year 5 and the fantastic year ahead with Mrs Higgs.

Picture 1

Celebrating World Book Day in Mr Hallam's Class

Some of the amazing potions and projects made at home :)

Brilliant fun making Cornflour balls in Mr Hallam's Class!

Making molecules out of K'Nex

Sorting Solids, Liquids & Gases in Mr Hallam's Class

Some of our classroom displays

Some of our classroom displays 1
Some of our classroom displays 2
Some of our classroom displays 3


What an incredible year it has been! I am very sad to have to say goodbye to such a wonderful, hardworking, kind and talented group of children, who have made my job a joy each and every day! However, as much as it can be sad to say goodbye, I'm sure I will get chance to work with lots of you in Sport and I know you are all really ready for the next challenge, YEAR 5! Good luck and thank you for being amazing! Thank you to all the parents for your support throughout the year and best wishes for the future :)


From Mr Hallam

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Fun in the sun! (+ saying goodbye to Mrs Wayne)

Scream Race! :D

Cup phones! Investigating sound in Science

House Matches 2017

Mr Hallam's Class investigating capacity in Maths

Millie and her amazing assistants conducting an experiment about...poo!

Easter Egg Hunt!

Fun making Mardi Gras masks! :D

Amazing project homework from some of the children...Road Trip USA!

Sophie, Phoebe and Emily showcasing their violin talents! :D

Sophie, Phoebe and Emily showcasing their violin talents! :D 1

Understanding shapes in Mr Hallam's class

Telling the time in Y4

We met Hollie Webb - Olympic Gold Hockey Player

World Book Day!

Exploring balance and movement in Gymnastics

Making circuits in Science

Making Submarines

Wannabe Day - which careers can you spot?

Improving our fitness in PE

Classifying Sea Creatures in Year 4

Christmas Jumper Day!

Christmas Jumper Day! 1
Christmas Jumper Day! 2

Hermione, the class Elf, arrived in Year 4! She is causing lots of trouble!

Team Hallam enjoying outdoor PE

Team Hallam enjoying outdoor PE 1

Mr Hallam's Class Mannequin Challenge


Paint Wars!

Paint Wars! 1

Amazing homework projects by Emily and Evie

Learning Roman Numerals in Mr Hallam's Class

Potion Day!

Potion Day! 1

Performing A Midsummer Night's Dream in class

Learning to write letters in Year 4

Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl Day 1
Picture 1

Our classroom displays - Autumn 1