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Mrs Christie's Home Learning photos Summer Term 2020

Fabulous writing, number and capacity work.

Great capacity work and careful pouring.

Having fun playing games and exploring outside. What a lot of snails!

Enjoying writing animal facts and doing patterns.

Having making and exploring slime.

She has been busy with her maths. She has also made a fantastic bug house. I hope she gets lots of bugs coming to stay.

Lots of fabulous work.

Having fun.

Busy planting in the garden.

Having fun with craft activities and writing.

Having fun reading, writing and enjoying the sunshine.

She has been so busy working at home- brilliant!

James B made a lovely Easter garden, drew a fabulous story map and practised the ‘ai’ sound.

Learning about the number 17- collecting 17 daisies. Great counting. A lovely drawing too.

Great work!

Sammy found lots of ways to make 17- look at those yummy cakes. She also did some fabulous writing and shape work.

He has been busy with maths, writing and science activities. Brilliant!

She has been keeping very busy. Lots of writing, maths and creative activities. Fantastic!

Lots of lovely, fun activities happening. She has been reading everyday too. Brilliant!

James has been working so hard. Fantastic work.