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Preparing for Year 1


Some of you have asked for ideas of what to do over the holidays.  Have fun, but keep up those core skills such as reading, counting & doing simple number problems including measuring, and practice handwriting and pencil control.


Here is a link to a great website dedicated to handwriting which you may find useful for the games, patterns and cursive letter examples.  The children are not joining letters yet, so no need to look at these pages, quite yet.



Pirate Week - Tuesday


We had a wonderful session in the hall with Steve as he took us on an amazing adventure, following Beaky's map. We worked on a ship, travelled to Polynesia, visited the penguins of the Antarctic, saw a volcano, swam in tropical seas, played with monkeys and flew with parrots, until finally we dug up a fantastic treasure, making us very rich!!!

Our Pirate Adventure

We danced to Polynesian Music

Still image for this video

The parrots gave us some feathers, so we could fly across the island

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Visit to Mrs Turner in Year 1


The children went for a visit to their classroom for September and had a lovely time doing crafts and exploring their new surroundings.  They came back with smiles on their faces, compared with leaving looking a little anxious!

I popped in to see how they were doing & took a few pictures, which I'll also include in their learning journeys.

Visit to Year 1

As we come towards the end of the school year, I just wanted to comment on how wonderful it has been to have my current class.  Each and every one of the children has made great progress this year, and are now preparing to move on to Year 1  in Key Stage 1.  Try to help your children continue to do so during the next few weeks and over the summer, to help them retain all that they have learned. Keep up with their reading, keep practicing their phonics and 'tricky' words, together with their numeracy skills in small chunks of about 10 minutes at a time.  Also check out all the great ideas in  the 'Support Materials' section of the website.




Mrs Gartside