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Hello once more,

Welcome to week 3 of our spellings, during home learning.  It was lovely to hear from those of you, that had a go at the spellings last week - fantastic effort and well done!


Once again, we're looking at some of the tricky words and graphemes (sounds) we've learnt before.


  • Using Phonics Play, have a go at some of the games e.g. Buried Treasure, or Sentence Substitution'.
  • Use phase 4 'Train your Brain'
  • Find the 'Choose words' option and read through all the words.
  • Next click on each word to remind yourself of the bits that make each word tricky.
  • Look carefully at 'was', 'when' and 'what'.
  • Use the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check to practice spelling each word, together with the other ideas on the previous page.
  • Now have a look at the examples of words using the spellings 'ea', 'ir' and 'oy'.
  • See if you can read and write a list of words with these spellings in.













Write each word in a sentence using neat handwriting (with kick up and flick outs) capital letters, finger spaces and full-stops.


On Friday, get an adult to test you.  I'd love to know how you do.  Let me know and we'll celebrate your efforts.  We won't publish your individual scores, so don't worry if you don't get them all, as long as you've tried. :-)