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Chill Skills

Today, we practiced ChillSkills where we learned different relaxation techniques. Try some out at home after a busy day at school....

1. Shut your eyes tightly then relax them.

2. Wrinkle your nose up then relax it.

3. Breathe in and make your stomach tight. Breathe out slowly and relax it. Bite your teeth together and then relax them.

4. Move your shoulders up to your ears then relax them.

5. Imagine you are blowing bubbles of peace into the room. Imagine you have a pot of bubble liquid. Take in a breath. Slowly and gently blow bubbles into the room. As you blow out the bubbles, imagine they are filled with peace and the whole room is filling up with peace.

25.9.2018...The wedding of Robyn and Leighton!

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