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New starters FAQ's

How many classes are there in reception?


We have three reception classrooms. The number of classes we have depends on the number of children that apply for places. This year (2020-2021) we have got two classes and two reception teachers in reception and we are using the 'spare' third classroom as an extra space for our children and teaching assistants to use during the day. 


Who are the reception teachers?


Our teachers are 

  • Mrs. Smith - She is our teacher in charge of reception. CLICK HERE to find out about Mrs. Smith. 
  • Mrs. Christie - CLICK HERE to find out about Mrs. Christie. 


Is St. John's a big school?


We have 460 children at our school in 2020-2021. We are the biggest school in Belper. We are a big school with a big heart. 

As a big school we are able to give the children lots of extra opportunities. We have lots of teachers with specialisms in specific subjects. We have single year groups and children don't get taught in mixed year classes. Both Mr. Averis, our headteacher, and Mrs. Carvell our deputy headteacher, don't have classes to teach, we are therefore able to spend time with all the children and give more time to helping throughout the school. We employ specialist staff on site such as a medical welfare assistant to help children throughout the day that have bumps, need first aid or need a bit of extra nurture to help them be happy in school. 


How many children are in each class at St. John's?


Class sizes are different throughout the school. On average there are 26 children in each class. Our smallest class this year is a year two class with 19 children in. Our biggest class is a  year four class with thirty four children in. 


You are a Church of England School. What does this mean?


We are the only Church of England School in Belper. Over two hundred year's ago the congregation at St. John's chapel in Belper opened a school for children in the village. As Belper has grown so has the church and so has the school. The church has moved site and become St. Peter's church and in the 1970's we moved from St. John's road to Laund Nook, we kept our name, St. John's. 


We still have strong links with St. Peter's church and with the diocese of Derbyshire and our Christian values recognise this. We work hard to ensure that our children recognise the importance of these values such as kindness, wisdom, perseverance and responsibility. 


All primary schools in England are legally required do have a daily assembly and act of collective worship. At St. John's these are always Christian based.  At St. John's our daily assembly, known as collective worship, is an important part of our day where we come together (on line at present to keep us all safe) and give time to help us develop and understand our world and our place in it. 


Our Religious Education lessons are based on the Derbyshire agreed syllabus, that is used by all school in Derbyshire. We teach children about all of the major world religions.