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NEW- Summer Term

A Great Menu

I love this! Didn't have anyone to do the freeze frames with so made them out of Lego instead. What a brilliant idea. smiley

A fabulous and colourful theme park logo! smiley

Look at this AMAZING 'Chinese flame' roller coaster ride! smiley

Excellent instruction writing smiley

Stop Motion Animation

Still image for this video
Look at this brilliant stop motion animation! I hope that you enjoy watching it as much as I did.

Camping in the garden!

What a lovely idea to camp in the garden to make up for us missing our trip to White Hall. smiley

A fabulous roller coaster model smiley

An amazing French project!

Even the cat took a visit to Notre Dame. smiley

Fabulous illustrations with a brilliant description to match! smiley

Fabulous 'Eric' Work! smiley

A virtual trip to the museum smiley


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Like unicorns? Then you will love this! smiley

Enjoy listening to this brilliant letter! smiley

Letter 😊 (2) (1).mp3

An amazing letter! smiley

Fabulous project work 

Brilliant debate work! smiley

More amazing superhero work! smiley

Another Brilliant Superhero!

A Brilliant Superhero Illustration! smiley

Descriptive Writing

Brilliant Capacity and Volume Work 

Practical Maths - Capacity

A wonderful poetry performance!

I hope that you enjoy watching this as much as I did. I think that the expression is fantastic!  

Poetry Performance

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Amazing Poems 

I have really enjoyed reading some fantastic poems today. You have all done a great job! Well done. smiley

Lucky Four-Leaved Clovers 
Delicious Treats

Wave Park

Another brilliant theme park map. I really like all of the detail and some of the rides sound absolutely terrifying. Which ride would you like to go on?

A brilliant theme park map

This looks like a very exciting theme park to go to. Have a look at the key and see which ride you would most like to go on! 

A fabulous cake 

Look at this brilliant world cake made to the theme of saving the environment. smiley

An update on this brilliant planting project smiley


Another amazing story!

An amazing scary story! 

I hope that you enjoy reading this brilliant story as much as I did! smiley

A lovely letter of thanks heart

Look at this brilliant and thoughtful letter of thanks, recognising the hard work of our NHS. Well done!

 A lovely pressed flower diagram! smiley

Making Memories
Working hard on SPaG
Lovely Message and Mischa thinks so too smiley
Project Work

Lots of lovely creative activities at home smiley

Another furry friend helping out with home learning.smiley

There is No Planet B - Powerpoint

Take a look at this Powerpoint and get involved.


A Mixture of Fun and Hard Work!
Project Work

Crack the Code 

Look at this brilliant work. Can you crack the code? smiley

Plastic Pollution Debate

Look at/ listen to this brilliant work about plastic pollution! I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. I thought it was a brilliant debate with lots of powerful arguments! Well done. smiley

Pollution In Our Oceans Debate.mp3

A brilliant plant diagram! smiley

Look at this fantastic detailed diagram for this week's project work. 

Amazing Maths Work! smiley

VE Day Decorations 

Look at these brilliant hand-painted VE Day decorations! I think they look fabulous smiley

Planting Project

Look at this brilliant project work. It is great to see the progress of the vegetables over time. I am glad that the parsnips eventually started to grow too. Well done! smiley

Busy Planting and Painting

Keeping Busy

Love the Fairy Garden smiley

VE Day Decorations.

Decorations are up and ready for tomorrow's celebrations.

Project Work

Take a look at this project work on farming. It's been very well presented.smiley

Story Maps for Fowler's Yard

Look at these amazing Story Maps for Fowler's Yard. Can you follow them to re-tell the story?

Project Work 

Look at this brilliant poster for this week's project work on farming. I love the presentation and think that the key is great! Well done smiley.

Keeping Busy and Working Hard smiley

Lots of brilliant work to see here- A design and a brilliant 3D model of Alchemy Island, a fantastic birthday poem for Grandad and growing lettuce and avocado- I can't wait to see how they turn out. Well done! 

Some history linked to today's English work

Today, one child in Year 5 was lucky enough to be able to look at these photos of her great grandad on HMS King George V during World War 2 when visited by Winston Churchill smiley

Tree and Leaf Research 

What a lovely idea to go on a walk in the woods and find some leaves! Then, at home find out what type of leaves they are by researching and using an app called Leafsnap. Great work and perfect for our project smiley

Certainty Cards 

A great way of presenting today's English task. smiley

More Brilliant Project Work! 

Look at this fantastic PowerPoint that shows lots of information about where food comes from, how far it has to travel and more! Lots of research has obviously gone into this. Well done smiley

Project Work 

Look at this brilliant project work. So many interesting facts. Well done! smiley

Keeping Busy

"This week I have been doing some gardening with my dad. We planted some grass seeds and mowed the lawn. I have done Joe Wicks every day and some workouts with my dad too. I have also been doing my school work every day."

Rainbow Weaving

Work inspired by Monday's Comprehension.

It's lovely to see how you are being inspired to do other work based on work set. What a great promise to make too smiley

Making Bread! 

Look at this amazing bread! I love the turtle. It is now being enjoyed warm with jam smiley.  


Amazing Drawing 

Look at these brilliant pictures for our project, Allotment!

Growing Cress 

Some children made these potato heads today. Hopefully their 'hair' will grow soon! smiley

Fun in the Sun smiley


Gardening Time

It looks like you have been busy over the weekend doing some gardening for our Allotment project. There are red peppers, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and carrots. Keep us updated with their progress. smiley Very exciting! 

Project Work

It looks like you are working really hard on work for our project, Allotment. There are some brilliant observational drawings of fruit, including a full picture and a cross section. I am very impressed with the detail!

A fantastic presentation showing your planting project, including pictures and detailed steps. You can all see this below. 


Well done for all of the hard work. smiley

Project Work

Brilliant work for our project, Allotment!


You have made a delicious-looking rhubarb cake as well doing some research to find some facts about rhubarb. Cake and project work- a great combination! Look at the picture and facts below. 


She was also lucky enough to be able to interview her grandad and find out all about his allotment. You can read her interview below. 


Well done for all of your hard work. smiley

Pitta Bread Pizzas

Homemade pitta bread pizzas for lunch. They look delicious! smiley

Runner Beans

Take a look at these amazing Runner Beans grown as part our Allotment Project. It looks like they will soon be ready to eat.

Allotment Work 

It looks like you have been busy doing lots of project work! Have a look at her fantastic PowerPoint, full of lots of great ideas- it includes research about plants and how they grow, photos and instructions to show the plants and herbs that she has been planting and some art work. 

Well done. smiley

Project Work 

It looks like you have been busy doing some brilliant project work today.

She has looked at the fruit and vegetables that she has in her house and researched how they are grown. THEN she put this data onto a bar chart and even make a fruit salad that looks delicious! smiley Well done, I am very impressed! 


Busy planting seeds as part of our project, Allotment.

Birthday Cake for The Queen

Baking inspired by Monday's Comprehension. I'm sure The Queen would love a piece.


Piano Playing 

Here is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Well done. It's great to see you learning new skills.  smiley

Piano Playing

Still image for this video

A Busy Easter.


Cinnamon Buns

It looks like you have been busy measuring the ingredients and following the recipe to make cinnamon buns. They look amazing! smiley

Fruit and Vegetable Drawings 

Some brilliant observational drawings for our Allotment project work smiley.

Birthday and Easter baking. Well done! I know where to come if I need a cake.smiley

Tennis in the garden- the dog wanted to join in too! smiley

Amazing Easter Cards! 

Here are some great Easter cards made for the family. I really like all of the different designs smiley

Fantastic Island! 

Take a look at this brilliant island using a variety of recycled materials at home. 

It includes: 

Devil's Autumn - with a volcano, Dragon river, Devil's castle
Winter Fairies - with Foggy mountains, Ice-age lake, Breeze castle
Summer Unicorns - with a Rainbow beach, Fury field, rainbow, Unicorn castle
Mermaid Springs - with a mermaid statue, Mermaid Castle and Seagull Seaside.

Well done! smiley

Super Cool Veggies!

A great start for our project, Allotment. 

She has planted purple carrots, striped tomatoes and yellow courgettes! I can't wait to see how they turn out. 



An Amazing Alchemy Island

Take a look at this brilliant island. I love all of the 3D parts that he has added. 

Well done! smiley


A great start to our project, Allotment.

She has been some planting some seeds and is going to keep us updated with their progress! smiley

Book Review 

Here is book review about a book that has been enjoyed at home. smiley We love hearing about the reading that you have been doing at home. Thank you. 


Book Name: Star Switch
Author: Alesha Dixon
Rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars
About: Naomi Starr is the biggest pop star in the world, even though she’s only 13 years old. Ruby is a normal 13 year old, and Naomi’s biggest fan. They both take a copy of a strange book called “How To Shine” and they switch bodies!!
I enjoyed the book so much!!


Easter Fun!

A great way to spend Easter with lots of camping fun in the garden. I am VERY impressed with the bunting! smiley

Stop Motion Animation 

Look at this brilliant stop motion animation! Well done! smiley

Stop Motion Animation

Still image for this video


An excellent start to our new project, Allotment. He has been planting herbs and customising his plant pots. I think they look great! He has also completed a plant study- see the brilliant work in his book below. 

Egg Experiment 

Here is the parachute and egg experiment. Her parachute is great- the egg survived! Well done! smiley

Egg Experiment

Still image for this video

An Amazing Haunted House Story 

You have worked incredibly hard to write this fantastic story. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did! smiley